Breast enlargement


Breast enlargement is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries. Reasons for wanting a breast enlargement are varied, but the desire to feel comfortable in your own body is of course the most important.

Reduced breast volume can occur after pregnancy, losing a lot of weight, or as part of the natural ageing process, and can make many women feel less feminine.

In many cases, surgical breast enlargement can help the patient to feel more comfortable in her own body, and increase self-confidence.

If you have already considered this type of surgery, you can find all of the preliminary information about your options and how a breast enlargement works here at the EPPSTEIN Clinic Stuttgart here.


The most proven type of breast augmentation is with silicone implants. Individual sizes allow for a natural-looking result tailored to the patient. When performing breast augmentation with implants, you have two options for placement – above or below the pectoral muscle. The appropriate option always depends on the physical condition of the patient as each body is individual. Transplanting fat is another option for breast enlargement.

We will discuss which method is best for you during your personal consultation.

Breast enlargement is actually one of the most common surgeries performed here at the EPPSTEIN Clinic Stuttgart. Dr. Eppstein and his team are experts in this field.

Here is an article on Jameda written by Dr. Eppstein on the topic of breast enlargement.



The EPPSTEIN Clinic offers you the opportunity to be treated in a highly modern clinic in the heart of Stuttgart city.

Regardless of which breast enlargement method you are considering, you’ll first get to know Dr. Eppstein and the Stuttgart clinic during your personal consultation. This consultation gives you the opportunity to ask any question and wishes you have. The shape of your new breasts will be explained, and the method of breast enlargement established. Then, an appointment for surgery will be organised.

A breast enlargement is is under general anaesthesia and takes around 1.5 hours. The surgery is performed in our own surgical theatre here at the EPPSTEIN Clinic in the middle of Stuttgart.

After the surgery, you will stay one night as an inpatient with us at the EPPSTEIN Clinic. Also, our qualified and friendly team will be caring for you. Your first checkup, dressing change, and application of a waterproof bandage will take place after one week. After approx. 2 weeks the stitches can come out.

You can start with light office work about 1 week after surgery, and with more physically demanding work after about 2 weeks. You can start again very carefully with sports after about 4-6 weeks, depending on the position of the implant.

After the surgery you should wear a sports bra for 6 weeks.

It is our wish that you feel as comfortable as at home during your stay in our clinic. The right premises offered by our luxurious and lovingly furnished patient rooms in Stuttgart-Mitte. Here you have your own bathroom, a flat screen TV with Netflix and Amazon, toiletries and of course the all-round service of our qualified team.

It is important to be able to offer all amenities and services under one roof. At the EPPSTEIN Clinic, for example, you can expect your own operating room and two patient rooms equipped with the latest medical technology.


Your treatment in Stuttgart

The EPPSTEIN Clinic in Stuttgart offers you the opportunity to be treated in a highly modern clinic in the heart of the of Stuttgart centre city. It is important to us that you feel comfortable here, which is why we are available for you round the clock during your stay, and are by your side if you have any questions or need anything.

Also, the team here at EPPSTEIN Clinic Stuttgart will will by your side during the entire after-care process and any follow-up appointments.


Would you like a personal consultation?

We would be happy to consulate and advise you personally. Together we will find the best treatment option tailored to you.

* In person: Büchsenstraße 10, 70173 Stuttgart

* Via email:

* Via phone: 0711-98693777

Our expert team for breast augmentation is looking forward to your visit!

Surgery time

approx. 1 - 2 hours


General anaesthetic

Length of stay

1 day in clinic

Getting back to work

after approx. 1 - 2 weeks


from 6500 € plus anesthesia costs

General Q& A

– Do I have to pay a fee for the consultation?
Yes, because the consultation is a medical service that has to be charged for in accordance with the German Scale of Fees for Physicians (GOÄ), we charge a one-off cost of €50 for your individual and in-depth consultation appointment.

– Which costs are associate with my treatment and are there financing options available?
We can provide you with precise details about treatment costs after an in-depth examination. We offer flexible financing models for your treatment. Please feel free to contact us at any time in case of any questions or for a non-binding financing offer.

– Will health insurance cover the costs?
In general, plastic surgery is not covered by health insurance, even in cases of psychological distress. However, you should seek advice from your health insurance company.

– Can the treatment be performed at the EPPSTEIN Clinic?
Yes, we have our own surgical theatre, so we are able to perform all treatments and surgeries on site.

– Why does EPPSTEIN Clinic not have any before and after photos?
According to Section 11 (1) of the Pharmaceutical Advertising Law, German doctors are not allowed to advertise plastic surgery using comparative pictures of how people look before and after surgery (before and after photos).

– I have a long journey, can the person accompanying me also spend the night in the clinic?
Yes, your companion can also stay overnight at the clinic.

– Can multiple treatments be performed during one appointment?
In general, multiple treatment can be performed during one appointment. However, we will discuss the possibility of combining various treatments during your personal consultation.

– What is the difference between a plastic surgeon and a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery?
After completing their medical studies, a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery specialises in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery during their 6-year residency. Since “plastic surgeon” is not a protected term, any doctor can describe themself as a plastic surgeon without having done this specialist training. Which is why we recommend placing your trust in a specialist, like Dr. Eppstein.

– Is the EPPSTEIN Clinic a member of any professional associations?
Dr. med. Ron Julius Eppstein is a regular member of DGPRÄC (the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons), the ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), the VDÄPC (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and the GÄCD (Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany e.V.).

– Will I be charged extra for staying overnight at the clinic?
No, overnight costs are included in your surgery price. You will not be charged any additional costs.

Before surgery

– How long does it normally take from consultation to surgery?
In general, your consultation and surgery appointment will be a few weeks apart. Legally, we have to adhere to a minimum period of 48 hours between the consultation and actually performing an elective procedure.

Legally, we have to adhere to a minimum period of 48 hours between the consultation and actually performing an elective procedure.
Certain secondary illnesses or taking anticoagulant medications may mean that it is not possible to perform plastic surgery. These things will be discussed in detail during your informed consent discussion.

– How can I best prepare for surgery?
During your consultation, Dr. Eppstein will explain everything you need to know before surgery. You should not take any medications like ASA (aspirin) that can affect blood clotting two weeks before the surgery. You should also avoid smoking cigarettes. Everything else is included in our “before and after” leaflet, which you will be given during your consultation.

Surgery itself

– Can I sleep on my stomach after breast surgery?
You should ideally sleep on your back for the first 3 weeks following breast enlargement surgery. After this, it’s usually fine to sleep on your side. It’s usually possible to sleep on your stomach a few months after breast enlargement.

– When can I swim again after a breast enlargement?
You can fully immerse yourself in water around 4 weeks after a breast enlargement. You can actively swim or exercise approx. 3 months after.

– When can I exercise again after a breast enlargement?
Exercising after surgery depends on the type of breast surgery, as well as the type of exercise itself. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t do any overhead movements for the first 4 weeks. So any exercise should concentrate on the lower half of the body. . In most cases, you can start to perform activities, such as a casual bike ride on an ergometer, after around 3 weeks.

After 4 weeks, you can start with upper body exercises if your implants were placed above the pectoral muscles during surgery. You can get back to training at full force after 6 weeks. However, if your implants were placed under the pectoral muscles, you can start with light upper body exercises after 6 weeks. You can get back to training at full force around 8 weeks after this type of procedure.

– When can I go out in the sun again after a breast enlargement?
In general, the fresh scar needs to be protected from UV radiation for a year after surgery. This means it is particularly important to protect the scar using sun cream (SPF 50) when wearing a bikini. You should avoid sunbathing or using solariums for around 6 months.

– Does a breast lift affect my ability to breastfeed?
No, a breast enlargement does not affect your ability to breastfeed.

– When can I wear an underwired or pushup bra?
You shouldn’t wear an underwired or pushup bra for 6 months after surgery, instead you should wear a comfortable sports bra. You can wear underwired and pushup bras again round 6 weeks after the breast enlargement.

– Will the results of breast surgery change after pregnancy?
Breasts change with every pregnancy. It’s impossible to predict exactly how much a pregnancy will change the result of breast surgery, as everyone and every body is different.

– Will I have visible scars after the breast enlargement?
Scars from breast enlargement surgery are discreetly placed in the crease under the breast, and are usually hardly noticeable after a few months.

– Which breast implants does Dr. Eppstein use?
Dr. For breast enlargements, Dr. Eppstein only uses the most modern implants coated in Microthane®, made by the company POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Deutsch. These breast implants are of the highest quality and have a significantly reduced overall rate of complications.

– How do I find the right sized implants for breast enlargement?
Dr. Eppstein will work with you to determine the correct implant size during an in-depth consultation. Breast implants are usually chosen to fit your anatomy. Breast implants are usually chosen to fit your anatomy.

– How long do breast implants last and will they need to be changed at any point?
The following applies to all POLYTECH breast implants: life-long free replacement implants in case of a material-related rupture in the shell. Provided there is no damage to your implants, they don’t need to be changed.

– Can inverted nipples be corrected by breast enlargement?
Yes, inverted nipples can be corrected by breast enlargement. However, patients are often unable to breastfeed after this type of surgery.

– Can breast implants cause stretch marks?
No, inserting breast implants does not cause stretch marks.

– What is capsular contracture?
A capsule is a connective-tissue like layer that forms around the breast implant after breast surgery. This is a completely normal reaction to a foreign body and is there as a protective function. However, this initially elastic layer can thicken and harden, leading to tightness and pain in the breast. This is capsular contracture. This hardened tissue layer can also cause the breast implant to become misshapen. Dr. Eppstein only uses modern, Microthane® coated implants from the company POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Deutsch, which provide the highest quality and significantly reduced risk of capsular contracture. The following applies to Microthane® breast implants: Free replacement implants in case of capsular contracture up to 10 years after surgery.

– Can breasts lose sensitivity from the surgery?
The sensitivity above the scar is most often affected for a few months. This usually recovers on its own. Sensitivity may continue to be affected only in rare cases.

– Will breast surgery affect a future mammogram (cancer prevention)?
In general, breast implants will not affect a future mammogram. You should make your treating physician aware of your surgery so that different examination techniques can be used that are more gentle to the implants, such as an ultrasound or MRI. Implant ID cards are also helpful for ensuring careful examinations.

After the procedure

– What should I do in case of complications?
You will be given an emergency number that you can use to reach Dr. Eppstein at any time. Please call right away in case of any complications.

– How can I ensure I recover well?
Getting enough physical rest and eating healthily are important factors for ensuring that your wounds heal quickly. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol is equally important. Dr. Eppstein will discuss other individual factors with you during your consultation.

– Will I be in pain after surgery?
In general, the pain is quite tolerable. Dr. Eppstein will write you a prescription for pain medication depending on the type of surgery.

– How long do I need to wait before I can see the final result of my treatment?
A visible result is usually achieved after 3 months. The final result will then generally be visible after 6 months. Scars will settle into their final form around a year after surgery.

– Can my aftercare also be performed by a different doctor or in hospital, since I have a long journey?
This is possible under certain circumstances, but should be discussed with Dr. Eppstein individually.

– Do smoking and drinking alcohol have a direct effect on my recovery?
Smoking can cause blood vessels to constrict, which worsens blood flow to vessels and affects healing. So you should avoid cigarettes and alcohol to ensure a quicker healing process.